Hiya, my name is Shane and I am a professional Pokémon breeder and Smash Bros. enthusiast.
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I’m not gonna put this in the tag cuz I’m not trying to start shit or anything I am but a humble observer, but I’m… kinda with Eve on Garde being a judge? Like I vaguely remember her being on, but I mostly know her name because she’s dating Warhola POP who is an actually memorable queen. What I…

Well, I understand that you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. But what I fail to understand is how you say that you “vaguely remember me” but clearly remember enough about me to go on a rant listing many offensive details explaining how horrible of a judge I will be. Right off the bat I can’t take you seriously, because your “research” about me claims that I’m dating someone who I’m not. And if you’re gonna say how memorable of a queen warhola is, you should at LEAST know who she is or isn’t dating. I thought that was just common sense, but clearly not. Since you don’t know me, yet now me enough to claim that I am “really exemplify” someone who isn’t fit to be a judge, let’s just sit you down and give you some education. Let’s talk about how bad of a drag queen I am because I don’t “perform” to your standards (aka standing on a stage and moving my lips around for 4 minutes). Since you obviously know everything about me, you know that I live in Long Island, and you MUST also be aware that there is not ONE gay bar here! The gay bars are in a magical place called “New York city” which, as you’re knowledgable self probably knows, is a 40 minute train ride that costs 16 dollars, or 22 during peak times. You obviously know that I make minimum wage for 30 hours a week, pay for my college tuition, and go to school full time where I take four buses a day (two hours per day). I go to work for six hours twice during these four days. Fridays I student observe at a high school all morning. And weekends I work roughly 9 hours per day. Please, keeping in mind that there are 24 hours per day, let me know when I have the time to go to and from the city. Additionally, going out in drag on Long Island at night is basically a suicide mission. So I would have to do my makeup and get ready in the city, which requires me to know someone that lives in the city who wouldn’t be inconvenienced by me using their house. Fun fact: I do not have a single friend that lives in New York City. So to reiterate, I apologize that my lack of performing for less than five minutes is inconvenient to your enjoyment of this cycle of TDR. I understand the struggle my busy life has on your life. And since I’m not qualified to be a judge for that reason, even though I have over $1,000 worth of makeup and hair, let’s just fill you in a bit more, k? I apologize for not listing my achievements in my video. I’m modest when it comes to my art, and I’m sorry I’m not a thirsty queen who needs attention by posting tons of pictures of my self every time I get into drag. And ok you don’t remember me. Congratulations. You choose to not be a fan of mine. I assure you, you can ask my 2,000+ YouTube subscribers or 2,000+ twitter followers if they think I’m a credible candidate for a judge and I’m sure you’ll get a few thousand yesses. Also, I am (almost) a teacher. And guess what I teach!! ART!! So I can promise you I know how to give and receive critiques when it comes to art. Additionally, I can tell you how I pay thousands of dollars learning how to teach others to perfect their art. Even though you need me to brag about my achievements and eligibility, I’ll just leave that part there. I thought I would be able to leave out my obvious qualifications from my video, because I thought people wouldn’t be arrogantly ignorant about Liz’s knowledge and ability to choose qualified judges. And Liz knows a hella lot more about drag than you ever will, so her decisions make tons of more sense than yours. Obviously I’m doing something right, but it wasn’t so obvious to you. And one last thing- I’m not stupid. If I wasn’t qualified for this, I wouldn’t embarrass myself by accepting the position. I am qualified so yeah, thanks for your input! And my life is dedicated to all forms of art and teaching/helping others, so next time you want to tell me that I can’t do either of those two, please get your facts straight. Have a great evening~

Start Your Engines, Ladies!!!

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tip for 6 year olds: dont do TOO well in elementary school, your parents will expect those 5 years of grades for the majority of your school life

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Cashier: That'll be $4.03
Me: I only have $4...
Cashier: That's ok, I have the three cents
Me: ...........
Cashier: ........
Me: what are we?



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is this like that time when they told us there wasn’t a competition because no one submitted but it turned out to be a april fools joke, right ?! its like that right…

What’s your name again?

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this should be a tattoo 

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The cast has been decided and we will reveal who the girls of cycle 5 will be! Keep checking the blog throughout the day for updates ;) I am so excited to be judging this great group of girls. If you did not make it on/or weren’t able to audition, keep doing your best and perfecting your craft….


I’ve been laughing at this on and off for years now

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miss swan tearin it up

Ima read ima read ima read

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